Get off the sidelines

and step confidently back into your active, adventurous life

Ambition is your superpower.
Use it to turn into Superwoman.

You're no stranger to fighting for what you want and making things happen.

That career? 

You put in the hours to build it.

Your Family?

Whatever they need, it’s a selfless yes. Always.

But as you were prioritizing other things, your health and fitness has fallen to the wayside.

And now, you're feeling:

  • Lots of nagging aches + pains 
  • Way less strong when you try to carry groceries or lift a laundry basket
  • Less energetic, more drained, and a little blah

The thought of aging like your parents makes you cringe so hard your face hurts.

You don’t want that for yourself.

Your motherhood, midlife & retirement plans include:

Hiking volcanos, running races, exploring the Appalachian Trail, climbing 14ers, and being active for your entire life. 

+ NOT spending all your time in your doctor’s office.

But everywhere you look it’s all ...

👉🏼 Ridiculous bone broth celebrity fad diets,

👉🏼 T
iny pink baby weights and no muscle in sight,

👉🏼 A
nd “fat-burning” workouts that bore you to tears.


All preying on women's insecurities with promises of "10 pounds off your belly in 3 weeks".


You don't want to spend another minute at war with your body.

You saw your mom spend her whole life trying to unjiggle her belly and thighs at all costs.

But you want more from your workouts than promises of weight loss by any means necessary. 

You want to be strong.

Feel confident in your body.

Get out there.

Be your healthiest, most badass self.

For you, this isn't about aesthetics anymore.

It's about athletics.

Looking good is a side effect of feeling fantastic.

And you want a program that can get you there.

We can help.

Work with Us.

1-on-1 Coaching

Custom goals.
Custom process.

Training for something, navigating an injury, feeling ridiculously unmotivated, or trying to reach a specific athleticism goal and want to be there like yesterday? 

1:1 coaching is the custom spotlight that speeds up the journey. 

With tailored resources, you can collapse time and focus on getting stronger, faster in an intimate container with your coach.

Stronger in 6

A transformative 6-month group coaching program

80% of women fail to hit the minimum weekly recommendations for physical activity. Read. That. Again.

This inactivity significantly increases the odds of getting preventable diseases, having to compromise on your lifestyle, and ultimately losing your ability to live independently. 

In this 6-month program, we’ll take you step-by-step from couch to capable by focusing on simple habits and mindset shifts.


Build strength in our membership community

You want to be strong AF. You’re willing to do the work, but you need a plan and a little guidance now and then. 

Our app-based membership program puts a coach in your pocket and a community at your back with an evidence-based approach to get seriously strong. 

By focusing on athleticism, you’ll optimize your physical health and set yourself up for an energetic, active life.

These women did hard things. So can you.

“You're just getting old– deal with it”

If anyone tells you this👆🏼, fire them and run.

Pain, lack of mobility, and dwindling strength isn’t inevitable. 

How your body feels in this next half of life is largely within your control. 

But you have to stop making yourself an afterthought. 

Give us your pinky. 

Promise us that your health is going to get as much energy as your career, family, and friends. 

Right now. 

C’mon don’t leave us hanging.

Meet Alison
The Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of Miles to Go Athletics

An injury management expert, women’s fitness & menopause specialist, personal trainer, running coach, nutrition coach, and yoga teacher– Alison is in a unique position to holistically support women as they navigate their health and fitness issues and milestones. 

But she didn’t start out as an athlete. Struggling with constant injuries and pain in her 20s and 30s, she turned it around– weightlifting competitively and running ultramarathons well into her 40s. 

She’s living proof that athletes are not born, they’re made. And there’s no age limit to becoming a badass. 

She started Miles to Go Athletics fueled by a burning desire to show you that you have a choice. Because when you say hell yes to yourself, you can do awesome shit.

So go on.

Build that bucket list.

Plan the big hike.

Give piggyback rides to the little ones.

Sign up for that half-marathon.

Take a girls' camping trip just for shiggles.

Ski your little heart out for god's sake.

And never again worry that your age will stop you from living your life on your terms.

Questions? Don't worry. We've got you.

This is a diet-culture-and-gym-bro-free zone.

You're in a safe space.

Specialists in women's health and fitness through all stages of life, we support your unique needs and goals.

Here you'll feel seen, heard, and supported as you grow into your strongest self.

Welcome to the pack, let's hang online.