Our mission is to help midlife and menopausal women stay off the sidelines and confidently step into the better half of life.

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We love strong women.

‘Round here, it’s all about empowering you to go do. 

We don’t believe in bogus “lose your belly” marketing, restrictive fad diets, no excuses gym bro motivation tactics, or quick fixes with empty promises.

We want you to be a badass.

And that comes from following the science and providing solid education about strength, cardio, nutrition, and injury prevention for women in midlife and beyond. 

That’s why we exist. To trim the fat out of your fitness– so you can be seriously strong and feel proud saying your age as you watch those jaws drop.

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Meet the Founder

Alison here. When I was growing up, no one, and I mean no one, would have referred to me as an athlete. 

I got into running at age 25 “by accident” –  I went for a walk to cool off after a fight with my then-boyfriend, now-husband and spontaneously broke into a run. I only made it a quarter mile because I was so out of shape, but there was something about that heart-pounding euphoria that kept me coming back for more … and more. 

But I was also plagued by injury after injury. Then, a few days after my 30th birthday, I felt like I had just turned 75 when a broken hip completely changed my relationship with my health and body. I thought this was it. In constant pain. Feeling fragile. Being “the injured and broken one.” That’s how it’s going to be from now on. 

Wow, it’s funny thinking back to those days here on the other side of the 20 marathons and 9 ultra marathons I now have under my belt. 

But that awful experience inspired me to get re-educated so it never happened again. 

And 5 years after that pivotal injury, my passion for strength, endurance, and overcoming injury took me out of my 12-year career in corporate legal and into starting my own business driven by the mission to help others feel strong and durable. 

Now, I am a Level 2 RRCA-Certified Running Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and a Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist. And I have extensive experience and training in anatomy, physiology, injury management, and pre-, peri-, and post-menopausal women’s health.

I’ve been featured in articles on Women’s Running, Competitor, LiveStrong, MyFitnessPal, POPSUGAR Fitness, and Prevention for my expertise in running, strength training, injury prevention, nutrition, and yoga. I am also the author of the book, The Durable Runner

Beyond my experience and education– so much of what I do comes from this unwavering belief that I hold. 

A belief that you can be capable and strong at any age. Midlife is just another chapter in a story that you get to write. You’re “built for it” no matter how you feel right now. Strength is accessible to anyone. 

I love watching women book that hiking trip, run around with their kids, or finally get the courage to join the soccer league. When you feel confident enough to make that bucket list and do what you love– you realize that life is just getting started. 

forge you own path.

Redefine what aging looks and feels like.

take control of what this next half of your life will be like.

And anyone who tells you what they think an aging woman should do...

Tell them to shove it.

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