We crunched the numbers and ...
YoU're a powerhouse pioneer!
You're the Powerhouse Pioneer—brave, resolute, and on a mission.
Your journey is just beginning.

We admire your guts to dare to re-imagine your future and snatch that pen from the hands of fate to boldly write the next chapter of your life for yourself.

Powerhouse Pioneer...Courage is your superpower!
Even with all your courage, determination and enthusiasm to make changes...you just can't get anything to stick long-term.

Because while that trademark courage of yours comes in handy when it’s time to start something new, before long it always seems that your motivation goes MIA and you find yourself right back at square one again.

You know how to create a list of all the things you want to overhaul about your life and you can go full throttle for a few days … 

But then your battery dies 🪫 from all the effort to become someone who is wildly different from who you are.

You crash and burn again, sabotaging all your efforts.

It feels like you’ve tried everything and found nothing that works for you long-term.

This cycle, repeated time and time again, has left you feeling beyond frustrated with yourself and convinced that you’ll never be able to make the change you want.

Hold up...Because, instead of this...
It's so tempting to try to overhaul your whole life at once—that all-or-nothing approach feels like the faster, easier approach for many of us.

But, in reality, white-knuckling your way through massive change is miserable, stressful, exhausting, and it doesn’t even work (trust us, we’ve tried too… sooooooo many times).

The problem is thinking the lifestyle transformation you’re after is a choice you make one day and then convincing yourself to “buck up” and “be disciplined” so it sticks. 

Then judge yourself relentlessly when you fail to keep at it...again

If you’ve tried everything out there and nothing has stuck, it might be because you’re treating your goal to get strong, fit, and healthy like a “diet and exercise” problem—

  • Hopping from program to program
  • Hoping to find the magic combination 
  • Praying for the motivation and willpower to keep it up long term.


But – and we say this with love – if your struggle is not being able to stick to things long term, that’s actually more of a behavior change problem— specifically, a lack of behavior change skills. 

And without building a rock-solid foundation of behavior change skills first, you’ll likely keep sabotaging yourself.

right now, You need...
To give yourself more time to make changes and start smaller.

Instead of trying to change everything dramatically and all at once, we suggest learning small but mighty habits to build skills for lasting behavior change like resilience, motivation regulation, and cognitive flexibility (aka the opposite of all-or-nothing thinking).

This means don’t try to jump straight into the deep end just because you want to be “there” already or because you used to “do it all.”

In other words ...
Do 1 thing the easy way so you avoid doing 10 things the hard way and end up getting nowhere fast.

Small habits build strong foundations. 

Your 1% effort today will compound over time.

But don’t take our word for it… 

Take Cheryl’s!

After decades of following different fitness advice unsuccessfully, she is now absolutely crushing it in our Stronger in 6 program.

Remember that the stronger, fitter, healthier version of you is built one day at a time.
Here'S how we can help you BECOME THE STRONGER, FITTER, HAPPIER YOU...
Powerhouse Pioneer, we designed our Stronger in 6 program exactly for you.

Picture this:

  • 🔥 The raw, unbridled energy of your courage to start is the match.
  • 🔥 Our proven strength and conditioning programming is the kindling.
  • 🔥 Our battle-tested behavior change coaching is the gasoline that keeps you blazing.
Together, we create a powerful 🔥FIRE🔥

With Stronger in 6 at your fingertips, you’ll finally:

  • 💪 Break the endless cycle of self-sabotage.
  • 💪 Transform your ‘unhelpful’ habits using behavior change science— it’s more than “no excuses” pep talks that just fizzle out.
  • 💪 Learn to move your body regularly, fuel it properly, and understand its changing needs.
  • 💪 Build a life that your future self will thrive in.
Your time is valuable so our plan is to save you a TON of it with access to a structured and dynamic fast-track journey in Stronger in 6
Taking you from beginner to badass in 6 months flat

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