Meet Your Stronger Self

Because she friggin' rocks.

Go from feeling blah to badass
in 6 months flat.

You don’t want to spend the second half of your life feeling too old, weak, sick, and fragile to enjoy the life you've built.
Your body is SCREAMING at you.
And your mental health feels like a neverending rollercoaster (and not in a fun way).

You’re willing to do anything.

And you’ve tried everything. The nasty ACV shots, the unregulated supplements that promise the world, the fad diets that worked wonders for that one celebrity. 

But you still feel like shit. 

Is this just something you need to accept?

No. Not on our watch. 

This might sound nuts (and perhaps way too simple to be true) but the one thing that’s proven to combat all of what you’re feeling in a really big way is regular physical activity.

When you’re not active, when you’re not doing the right workouts– put down the little pink weights, my friend– your body feels symptoms like stiff and painful joints, feeling ‘blah’, poor sleep, stomach issues, irritability, and bloodwork that makes your PCP wag her finger at you yet again. 

It’s time to cut the shit and move the needle. Your quality of life depends on it.

Get stronger.
And watch how your whole life shifts.

When you take charge of your health, you’re saying hell yes to showing up as your strongest self. 

But easier said than done, right? 

Between needy kiddos and a seemingly endless pile of work all of the time– carving out workout time is easy to push to the bottom of the to-do list. 

Combine that with feeling tired, not feeling motivated to workout, or the sexy promise of starting tomorrow– years can go by in a snap. And those aches and pains are setting in even faster.

Your bones are stiff when you get out of bed. 

Your muscles are constantly tense– did someone dip you in crazy glue? 

You don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. 

You secretly fear going to the doctor and getting bloodwork done. 

But it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Life is busy and commitment to health is complex. 

You deserve better. We can help.

Meet ...
Stronger in 6

The only fitness and nutrition coaching program designed for midlife and peri/post-menopausal women that takes you step-by-step from sedentary, sluggish, and stressed to STRONGER in 6 months.

By combining strength training, cardio, nutrition, sleep, and stress management with mindset and behavior change science– this holistic program helps you show up stronger in every aspect of your life.

Aging is inevitable.

But feeling old, sick, fragile, in pain, sleepless, and moody as you get older is optional. 

When you’re new to it or haven’t worked out in a while, it can feel like getting started (or restarted) is impossible.
You feel like you’ve tried everything.

But we promise you’ve never tried anything like this before.
What's Included?
  • A proven 6-month training program of 20-40 minute workouts that start slow and grow with you
  • Holistic coaching on sleep, nutrition, mindset, motivation, time management, and stress
  • Your own badass cohort of women who want to shake hands with their inner athlete
  • Personalized weekly check-ins with in-depth video feedback from your coach
  • Two 45-minute group coaching calls each month
  • Messaging with your coach and S6 Community
Happy stories– this could be you.

A sedentary lifestyle is not an option.
You deserve to feel freakin’ incredible.
Because life should only get better from here.

In 6 months, you can:
  • Form a new belief that you are durable, strong, and capable– and then actually BE that badass as you enter your better half of life
  • Put your health first now, so you’re not forced to SOS it when a health crisis comes up later
  • Forge a better relationship with your aging body
  • Boldly put yourself on your priorities list, because you feeling good is a non-negotiable during these years
  • Only do workouts that move the needle for you, protecting your time and getting the results you want to see
  • Blaze a new path forward and feel confident that you are going to age without giving up the activities you love
Who's It For?

You are a beginner to working out or are making your way back to working out after a long break.

You’re also busy as hell and need help figuring out how to fit workouts into your life. 

You also struggle with workout motivation and often falling off of and ghosting health and fitness programs. 

In fact, just the thought of committing to regular exercise for 6 months scares you a bit.

But at the same time, you want to feel more energetic, love how you feel in your body, and do the things you enjoy– pain free + for years to come.

The fad diets. The pound-based promises. We’re sick of it.

As women, the marketing we’ve been fed perpetuates the cycle of yo-yo dieting and “do everything you can to get skinny”. 

We hate that. 

And it doesn’t even work.

We want you to move so you feel good – because who cares how your body looks if it feels like shit everyday and you’re just waiting to “fall off the wagon” and gain all the weight back … again. 

We want you to strength train so you can do the things you love with confidence. 

We want you to focus on your health so the next half of your life is the best half of your life. 

All of your aesthetic changes? Those are a fun bonus. And they’re so much more rewarding when you get there in a way that makes you feel stronger rather than deprived and depleted. 

The power of saying yes to you

Look, the wild reality is that only 20% of women meet the bare minimum recommendations for strength training and cardio.

That number drops to 18% for women between 50–64.

So you are sooooo not alone.

But these midlife years are when women need to build muscle and bone the most, yet the amount of physical activity is dropping instead of increasing. 

Not to mention, inactivity puts midlife women at a far higher risk of losing their independence and developing preventable diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis.

But let’s be the last generation of women that lets our health slide because we’re too busy doing other things.

And that starts with you committing to getting active. 

For yourself. 

For your family. 

For the girls hiking trip you’ll take in 5 years. 

For your 80s. 

For your grandkids.

This is your moment.
Make future you tear up with pride.
Let's do this.
  • A proven 6-month training program of 20-40 minute workouts that start slow and grow with you
  • Holistic coaching on sleep, nutrition, mindset, motivation, time management, and stress
  • Your own badass cohort of women who want to shake hands with their inner athlete 
  • Personalized weekly check-ins with in-depth video feedback from your coach
  • Two 45-minute group coaching calls each month 
  • Messaging with your coach and S6 Community

pay in full


Snag a $120 savings!

Next cohort opens in March 2024 and goes live April 1, 2024.

Pay monthly


Next cohort opens in March 2024 and goes live April 1, 2024.


Answer: Yes! Watch this video and I’ll walk you through what you can expect in each month of the program.

It’s totally flexible! There are only 2 things that are scheduled or that you have to do at specific times. They are:

  • A monthly 30-minute Community Q&A call held on a weekday during the day (eastern time) — I’ll poll the group to find the best time once we’ve got our cohort set. BUT you’ll be able to submit questions if you can’t make it live and then watch the recording later.
  • Your weekly check-in form. You’ll receive an email with your check-in form every Sunday and you’ll have 48 hours to complete that form and submit it to me for personalized feedback.

In terms of time spent working out — our goal is to get you from your current level of activity to as close as reasonably possible to meeting the minimum physical activity recommendations for cardiovascular exercise and strength training at the end of 6 months. See what those are here. Since this is a group coaching program (not custom 1:1 coaching), we assume everyone is starting in a different place. But the goal is to find the most efficient way in terms of time and energy to get you closer to meeting those requirements so you can truly be stronger — physically and mentally — at the end of the 6 months.

In terms of time spent on the program itself outside of workouts — it depends. Obviously, as with all things in life, the more time you invest in them, the better your results. Especially when it comes to health, mindset, and learning the skills to better manage your emotions, thoughts, and urges. But my goal is to keep the time spent on the curriculum to a minimum and focus on moving BOULDERS, not pebbles so we get you the maximum impact for whatever amount of time you invest.

All of that said, to get the intended benefits of this program, I’d recommend you be ready to commit to a minimum of:

  • 20-30 minutes of movement per day or at least most days — this might be just a walk, a couple short walks, a strength training workout, some cardio, a yoga class, or some stretching. Don’t worry we’ll work up to this daily movement habit in the first month of the program.
  • 10-15 minutes per week to complete your weekly check-in form
  • 5 minutes per week to review my response to your weekly check-in
  • 10 minutes per week to watch/listen to read the weekly email and watch the weekly skill-building & mindset video

In total: that’s a minimum of around 3.5 hours/week. That’s less than 4% of your weekly waking hours spent focusing on your physical and mental health.

All the studies say more time invested in your health is better. But this is where we’ll start to build significant, sustainable changes.

THERE IS NO SHORTCUT around actually investing time in your health. So my goals for those of you who “don’t have time” to invest 4% of the hours you spend awake each week in your health is to help you (1) get better at managing your time so you can be more intentional with how you spend it and (2) shift your mindset around time, priorities, and boundaries so you aren’t always putting yourself and your health last.

No, custom workouts are only offered in my 1:1 coaching because of the time involved in truly tailoring a program to a client. The investment for that level of customization is higher, obviously, so this is designed to be a more accessible option for those not ready or able to invest in 1:1 coaching.

The strength and conditioning workouts provided in this program are a template that I’ve built specifically for this program that are filled with exercises that are tried-and-true basics and never go out of style so that anyone — even total newbies — can do and even experienced exercisers will continue to benefit from (BTW I still do these basics in my own training too).

I will offer up plenty of options to modify or change an exercise if you can’t do something in the program due to limited space, low ceilings, downstairs neighbors, not having the right equipment, not being comfortable with a movement, or working around pain and injuries.

AND you can always ask in the group chat or your weekly check-in for other options if you need them.

You’ll be given the resources to make these workouts your own, I guarantee it.

The goal is to get you feeling solid and confident with the basics so you can go and grow from there when the program is over. (And don’t worry, there will be a way for you to continue on my programming after S6 is over … I won’t leave you hanging, I promise!)

In my opinion, getting healthy, strong, and fit requires focusing on 6 areas of your lifestyle. We’ll be covering one element per month for 6 months because this is meant to be a comprehensive solution — one that isn’t just you white-knuckling your way through an intensive 4-week program and then completely falling off the wagon when it’s over because you were never the taught the skills for sustaining those new habits or given enough time to practice them while you still had access to your coach.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that getting physically and mentally stronger is like trying to make a 6-ingredient chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you try to make the cookies with only 2 or 3 of those ingredients, you’re gonna end up with some weird ass cookies that you don’t want to eat. So we’re going to use all 6 ingredients and realistically that takes at least 6 months to do well.

I surveyed people as they joined the waitlist and the responses I received are what I used to structure the program interactions. 

  • 70% of respondents said they wanted weekly check-ins with me.
  • 61% of respondents said they wanted workout feedback from me.
  • 30% of respondents said they wanted regular group Zoom calls.

The other thing I weighed in deciding how to structure the program is that many of you cite “lack of time” as a big hurdle for you. So the last thing I want to do is add a bunch of things to your calendar aside from doing the actual work of being more active and improving your health + fitness.

That said, here is what you can expect in terms of interactions with me in S6:

  1. You’ll get a check-in form emailed to you every week for you to fill out. I’ll review them and respond weekly with individualized feedback on any reflections, comments, or issues raised by you in the form.
  2. I’ll be sending you short videos weekly for you to watch or listen with a focus area for the week so you actually build the skills and the mindset needed to be successful in this program and beyond.
  3. We’ll come together monthly for a 30-minute Community Q&A call held on a weekday during the day (eastern time). I’ll poll the group to find the best time once we’ve got our cohort set. If you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to submit questions in advance and you’ll get the recording to watch later.

Again, my goal here is to give you meaningful interactions that create impact and help you be successful while also being respectful of your time and not further jamming up your schedule.

And if you haven’t had enough of me after all that and you need more support, S6 participants will also have access to a secret menu of call options with me, including options for a movement audit as well as strategy and troubleshooting sessions. These are optional and offered at an additional cost rather than adding them into the course and increasing the price accordingly — that way you only pay for what you need and you don’t have more stuff added to your to-do list unless you really want it. So even though this is a group coaching program, this allows you to have some level of personalization and customization.

Have more questions?