Go from feeling blah to badass in 6 months flat

with the LAST fitness jump-start you’ll ever need to thrive in your 40s, 50s and beyond
Your body has changed.

and you’re feeling it.

You don’t move as easily as you used to

The habits you had that maintained your body shape don’t make any difference now

You’re noticing less muscle tone, feeling puffy, you’ve got no energy, and you’re not sleeping well

You hear about it from your doctor when you have bloodwork done

You don’t look or feel like yourself anymore and it sucks

You’ve spent the last 10, 15, 20 years of your life taking care of everybody else and, along the way, you neglected your own health and fitness.

You can’t ignore it any longer.

Your body is changing rapidly with perimenopause and menopause but with so many years still ahead of you, you’re not ready to feel old and tired!

You don’t want to spend the second half of your life feeling weak, sick, and fragile.


But most of the advice available isn’t tailored to meet you where you are.

Many fitness programs are too extreme for where you are now leaving you exhausted and at risk for injury.

It’s frustrating and discouraging because there was a time when you could keep up. 

So many women begin perimenopause without realizing the change their body is going through and how it directly impacts their health and fitness. 

You’re not alone.

The truth no-one talks about is…

Only 20% of women meet the bare minimum recommendations for strength training and cardio.


But these midlife years are when women need to build muscle and bone the most, yet the amount of physical activity is dropping instead of increasing. 

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women – causing 1 in 3 deaths among women each year and ending the lives of more women than all forms of cancer combined.

Not to mention, inactivity puts midlife women at a far higher risk of losing their independence and developing other preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

Want the good news?

You can be strong, healthy, and fit in your 40s and 50s

But what you need now is different to what you needed in your 20s and 30s

It doesn’t mean pushing yourself through crazy intense daily workouts, starving yourself on harmful influencer diets, or restricting yourself to teeny-tiny intermittent fasting eating periods or cutting out carbs.

We’re not here for that BS!

Instead, by committing to slightly adjusting your daily routine to include do-able strength-building exercise, cardio, and nutrition that’s right for you along with accessible education, support and understanding you can more easily manage perimenopause. 

You’ll also feel happier, healthier, and more motivated than you’ve felt in years!

And watch how your whole life shifts.
Stronger in 6

The only fitness and nutrition coaching program specifically for women who want to feel healthier, stronger and happier in their 40s, 50s and longer

Stronger in 6 delivers proven fitness training and nutritional plans in a convenient app so you can integrate and build healthy habits into your day.

Show up stronger in every aspect of your life.

Aging is inevitable.

But feeling fragile, in pain, sick, sleepless, and moody as you get older is optional. 

Graphic mockup showing the elements of the program
When you’re new to it or haven’t worked out in a while, it can feel like getting started (or restarted) is impossible.
You feel like you’ve tried everything.

But we promise you’ve never tried anything like this before.
Wait until you see
Visualize Your Stronger Self

It all kicks off for you inside the app the Monday after you sign up. And don’t worry … we wouldn’t dream of throwing you into the deep end.

Our goal is to introduce you to and ultimately help you to become a stronger version of yourself … or as we like to call her “your Stronger Self.”

The backbone of this whole program is our Stronger Self System which we take you thru step-by-step and it starts with identifying:

  • Who exactly is your Stronger Self and how is she different that your current self so we can define exactly what success would look like for you 
  • What core values does your Stronger Self have that you’d like to focus on cultivating more of so you’re living more in alignment with the person you want to be
  • Which simple, specific keystone habits your Stronger Self has that you’d like to work on building now so you can start to become her
By the end of Week 2, you'll have:
  • Zeroed in on the specific qualities that are missing or lacking in your life that are holding you back from feeling strong and living well
  • Developed a simple, solid game plan for how to practice being your Stronger Self every day through specific habit goals for the next 90 days
  • Started tracking these daily habit goals in the app and we’ll be ready to start cheering you on and sharing resources to help you develop skills and be successful
Close up of a woman's hand writing in a journal

“The genius of Alison’s approach is that she begins with your head. Not your weight or your physical ability, but with your identity, values, and behaviors. Simple but very smart changes. My new habits are growing roots, my attitude has improved, and sometimes I even feel joyful (big change!).” – Linda P.  

woman walking her dog and offering a treat in the park

“I’m doing some kind of heart-pumping cardio at least 5 days per week. I’m taking much better care of myself with the time management support” – Tara L. 

Get Moving

Throughout the rest of the first month of the program, our focus will be simple — helping you get some intentional daily movement in.

This could be:

  • Taking an extra walk around the block with your dog
  • Following along with one of our many on demand yoga or mobility videos in the app
  • Playing with your kids at the park
  • Riding your bike to the post office instead of driving


We’ll start with aiming for 10-15 minutes per day and gradually increasing it to 25-30. 

And because you’ll need to carve out time in your schedule to move, we’ll also teach you better time management skills so you can make the most of the time you have. We’ll also help you to create systems in your life that make it easier for you to set aside the time you need to take care of your body and your mind.

By the end of Week 4, you'll be:
  • Building momentum with making movement in simple, sustainable ways a solid daily habit that doesn’t drain your energy or require you to feel “motivated” or “disciplined”
  • Very clear on where your time is going and how you need to redirect it to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled
  • Feeling less task overwhelm and resistance to new behaviors
month 2
Build Strength in Your Body and Your Mind
In month two, we’ll incorporate strength training two days per week. The workouts provided in this program contain simple, straightforward tried-and-true basics that are perfect for total newbies and get results
We’ll give you options for how to modify or change an exercise and you’ll get workouts using bands and bodyweight only that you can use anytime you’re traveling away from your usual equipment.
And while you’re laying the foundation for building muscle strength, we’ll also be working on strengthening your growth mindset. That process begins with learning to identify your limiting beliefs and starting to shift them toward possibility and growth.
By the end of Month 2, you'll be:
  • Strength training regularly and feeling solid and confident with the basics so you can go and grow from there 
  • Growing your growth mindset so your mind isn’t the thing that’s holding you back from getting the results you’re working so hard for— in this program and in life

“I now do independent strength training workouts! This is a goal I have had for 30 years!!” – Cheryl M. 

“My mindset has really improved around all-or-nothing thinking. I’ve been less harsh with myself when things haven’t gone according to plan as I would have been before starting this program.” – Tara L.  

Strengthen Your Heart and Adjust Your Thinking

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women and this month is all about countering that statistic by adding some heart and blood vessel strengthening activity. 

Our goal in month 3 is to take some of your daily movement time that you conveniently carved out in the first month of the program and turn it into moderate-to-vigorous cardiovascular exercise.

No, we’re not talking about doing hours on a boring cardio machine either. No, you don’t have to run if you hate running. We give you options. And we’re aiming for the minimum effective dose, not chasing extremes that are unsustainable for you.

Speaking of extremes, we’ll also be tackling that all-or-nothing mindset and perfectionist thinking that so many of us strong-willed, ambitious, driven women have which keeps us feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to break through certain obstacles in our health and fitness.

By the end of Month 3, you'll be:
  • Well on your way to building up to the recommended amount of cardio exercise using a combination of moderate-intensity activity and shorter, more time efficient vigorous-intensity activity
  • Challenging your own all-or-nothing thinking wherever you see it popping up and becoming for flexible in your thinking and how you approach tasks in your life
Half-way point
Reflection and Re-Focus

Once you reach the half-way point, you’re 90 days in and it’s time to look back and recognize how far you’ve come and look ahead to where you want to go next. 

At the beginning of this program, you worked through the Stronger Self System to develop a list of 3-4 core values and habits that you wanted to focus on for the first 90 days of the program. 

At this mid-point, it’s time to not only pat yourself on the back for all your growth up to this point, but it’s also time to go through the Stronger Self System again to decide on what you want the focus for the next 90 days of the program to be.

Through this process, we remember and reinforce that change doesn’t happen all at once and it usually doesn’t involve massive leaps forward as we’ve been taught. Change is gradual and made up of many tiny steps taken daily. And while those steps may seem insignificant in the moment, they add up to be life-changing.

Halfway through the program, you'll:
  • Be able to clearly see and identify just how much you’ve grown and become a stronger version of yourself since starting 3 months ago
  • Understand how much these tiny habits you’ve been focused on have added up to big shifts in mindset, behaviors, and results
  • Have a solid game plan for how to finish out the second half of this program strong
middle aged black woman smiling and journaling on a couch

“As I work through the Stronger Self System workbook for the second phase, I’m amazed how much I have changed – in little ways, calmer, more reflective, not worrying so much about what other people think. I feel more positive about myself and more happy about me, who I am, and accepting of who I am.” – Christena P. 

woman holds a paper plate with healthy food sitting on the floor.

“I used to believe all the BS inside my head. Now, I replace the BS with making priority decisions and being more self-compassionate.” – Linda P.  

month 4
Nutrition and Self-Compassion

👆🏼Two things that don’t often go together … but they SHOULD. 

We won’t teach you another diet. We won’t give you rules to follow. 

We’ll teach you how menopause affects your body and why it’s so important to eat well to support your body thru the changes. 

Then, we’ll give you specific areas to focus on that don’t involve starving or restricting what you eat. Instead, we’ll teach you what your body really needs and show you how to get MORE of those things all while learning to turn the volume DOWN on your self-criticism.

By the end of Month 4, you'll:
  • Understand the three (3) main reasons that women need to pay more attention to their nutrition in midlife
  • Know the five (5) key pillars of good nutrition for women in peri- and post-menopause and have lots of ideas for how to nourish yourself better
  • Be able to recognize and lower the volume on your own self-critical thoughts while building your self-compassion skills
Stress Management and Self Regulation

Let’s face it, midlife is a stressful time for many women. Raising kids, caring for parents, while balancing the demands of your relationships, your community, and your career. It’s a perpetual juggling act and the stakes are high.

Taking time to relax and unwind shouldn’t be a luxury. They are necessary. Your mental health is the glue that’s holding everything in your world together and you can’t afford to let it go to shit.

So month 5 is all about learning simple, concrete, evidence-based skills for how to deal with the stressors of life and process uncomfortable feelings so that you can be your most resilient and strong self.

By the end of Month 5, you'll be:
  • Feeling less “tired and wired” and on edge all the time
  • Well-equipped with a toolbox of tried-and-true techniques to manage your stress better and give your nervous system a chance to come out of hyperdrive
  • Better able to cope with and process your emotions so you don’t always drown them or numb them out in a pint of ice cream, a glass (or three of wine), or a midnight doom scroll on your phone
Yoga in the park, middle age woman doing exercises with group of mixed age people

“I used to be very critical of myself in all things. That I wasn’t good enough. That everything had to be a struggle or wasn’t worth it. Now I’ve set gentle boundaries for myself and my life. Just love this so much.” – Karen J.  

woman under the covers in bed holding up a peace sign with her fingers

“I don’t give up and let things go just because one day didn’t work out. I get back on track much more easily which makes me feel more in control and less reactive.” – Christena J.  

month 6
Sleep and Mental Durability

Ah … sleep. At this stage of life it feels like there are more barriers than ever to good quality sleep–hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, so much to do.

But one of the biggest barriers I see for women in midlife and beyond is a lack of consistent routines around bedtime. Their approach has been go, go, go all day and collapse into bed when you can’t go anymore.

Women, we deserve better and this final month of the program is all about creating simple shutdown procedures that set you up for better sleep quality and quantity so you can be more durable in your life.

Because no matter how many skills, systems, and strategies you have in place, you will still struggle and you will still, on occasion, fail. It’s an inevitable part of the human experience — especially for women like us who like to go hard, love big, and push the limits.

The road to success is paved with a thousand “failures” so a key ingredient of success then is the ability to be more tolerant of and move on from failure and disappointment so they don’t rob you of your confidence and power before you have a chance to reach the success you’re pursuing. We’ll learn how in this final month of the program so you have the skills to realize success in your life for years to come.


By the end of Month 6, you'll:
  • Have a solid sleep hygiene strategy in place that sets you up for restful shut eye time and doesn’t leave good sleep to chance
  • Have effective coping skills and strategies for dealing with the inevitable disappoint and failure better so they don’t derail you in the future
  • Understand the basics and be taking consistent action on a holistic plan for better health, wellness, and fitness that will set you up for the rest of your life
a chalkboard background with a staircase and and arrow that says Stronger in 6, a step-by-step on ramp to better health in fitness for years to come"
You'll finally have...
  • A simple, sustainable big picture approach to nutrition that you can adapt to your likes and your life and that actually moves the needle–we’re talking lots of bang for your energy buck.

  • Effective athleticism-building strength, power, and cardio training with just the right amount of challenge to take your workouts from “meh” to motivated so you’ll have stronger muscles, denser bones, and healthier heart.

  • Tried-and-true, no bullshit approaches that actually help manage your blood sugar, minimize the effects of changing hormone levels, and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Sleep hygiene and stress management strategies that improve your mood, focus, brain function, and mental health.
As well as...
  • Three 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom with Coach Alison to talk personalized strategy and make sure you get the most out of the program for your unique goals and lifestyle.
  • Weekly in-depth accountability check-ins—submit the weekly form and get personalized video feedback from your coach to keep you focused and motivated along the way.

  • Four (4) community coaching calls each month and a group chat to stay connected to your coach and community.

  • On demand mobility, yoga, and self-myofascial release sessions to give you a menu of simple but interesting ways to get more movement daily and keep any aches and pains under wraps so they don’t get in the way of your progress.
Happy stories–this could be you.

A sedentary lifestyle is not an option.
You deserve to feel freakin’ incredible.
Because life should only get better from here.

Imagine in 6 months, you've:

  • Formed a new belief that you are durable, strong and capable – and actually ARE a badass as you enter your better half of life


  • Put your health first now, so you’re not forced to SOS it when a health crisis comes up later


  • Forged a better relationship with your body


  • Boldly put yourself on your priorities list because feeling good about yourself is a non-negotiable 


  • Spent time on workouts that move the needle for you, protected your time, and gotten results you want to see


  • Blazed a new path forward and become confident that you’re going to age without giving up the activities you love
See what current and past participants have said 👇🏼
This program
is a total
game changer!
Stronger in 6 is perfect for you if you’re:
  • A beginner to working out or are making your way back to working out after a long break.


  • Feeling at a loss with how to work with your changing body and manage weight gain, especially increases in belly fat.


  • Noticing that you’re losing muscle tone and strengthgetting weaker, feeling stiffer, and battling more nagging aches and pains as the weeks pass.


  • Battling high blood pressure, rising cholesterol levels, poor blood sugar regulation, reduced insulin sensitivity, and bone loss that are leaving you at risk for chronic health conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes.


  • Looking for lifestyle changes that are scientifically-proven to help you manage menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, increases in anxiety and depression, and brain fog.


  • Struggling with lack of motivation, time and energy and often falling off of and ghosting health and fitness programs. 
Hi there. I'm Alison.

Founder and Head Coach at Miles To Go Athletics

Like many women, I was unprepared for how my body would change in perimenopause

In fact, I was totally blindsided by the changes that started in my early-40s with unexplained increases in my cholesterol levels, crippling anxiety, and overwhelming depression. 

And to make matters worse I was told more than once by my doctors that I was “too young for perimenopause symptoms.” Turns out, many of us have been poorly educated about what to expect — even our medical providers.

Even when women are aware that the changes they are experiencing are part of the menopause transition, they aren’t exactly given good information about what to do about it. They are often told “it’s just part of getting older” or to just cut out carbs.

I was disgusted to find those were the only options given to women.

So I dug deep into the science — studies done on peri- and post-menopausal women, not college-aged men — and what I found was that simple exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle shifts are the key to minimizing menopausal symptoms and preserving future quality of life.

But in practice, what I found in working with women in real time to make these shifts, is that changing our behavior and our mindset around food and exercise is the harder part. 

Traditional diet and exercise programs have failed us all—they give us a bunch of rules to follow and told us that it's up to us to white-knuckle our way through to prove that we are "disciplined" and "want it bad enough".

But that’s not a successful formula for lasting, meaningful change.

Without behavior change skills and foundational mindset shifts, all diet and exercise programs are doomed to continue to fail you.

And as I started to work with women to develop evidence-based behavior change skills and to dismantle their old beliefs about exercise and nutrition, I watched the success of my clients skyrocket 🚀 

We’re taking about women who had spent decades of their lives having tried and “failed” everything else and had all but given up hopenow feeling more calm, energetic, feeling strong and fit, and not scared to see their doctor or get their blood work done anymore. Absolutely inspiring!

And from that inspiration, Stronger in 6 was born.

It’s an empowering re-education process around the physiology of menopause, paired with a science-backed approach to exercise and nutrition, mixed with my proven behavior change strategies.

There is nothing else out there like it — believe me, I looked!

And I invite you to join me inside this transformative program that will leave you feeling more in control and more hopeful about what your 50s, 60, and beyond hold in store for you.

The power of saying yes to you

We can be the last generation of women that lets our health slide.
We KNOW better and can DO better.

And that starts with you committing to getting active right now. 

For yourself. 

For your family. 

For the girls’ hiking trip you’ll take in 5 years. 

For your 80s. 

For your grandkids.

This is your moment.
Make future you tear up with pride.
Ready to say YES! to you?
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