1:1 Coaching

Welcome to your Strong AF era
You excel at taking care of everyone and everything.

Except you.

We need to have a bit of a heart-to-heart, my friend. 

You’re doing too good of a job in your career, taking care of your family, and making sure everyone around you is happy and comfortable. 

Why “too good”? 

Well, your own health and well-being is firmly situated in the backseat of the priority bus.

And it’s a problem because now you’re feeling it in all those aches, pains, maxed out stress levels, and barely-there energy. You find yourself always nursing some injury. And finding the time and motivation to work out has never been tougher. 

At the same time, you think about your parents and how, more than anything, you don’t want to age like them. 

In fact, you want to throw a massive middle finger emoji at society’s version of what a woman should look like, wear, try, do, and be. 

Starting today, you want to write the story of your next phase of life. 

And you want a big part of the chapter to be doing the things you love, because you’re physically strong enough to go at them.

But here's the problem ...

Knowing exactly what to do is tricky in this information-overload age.

The world is full of conflicting fitness info from:

👉🏼 TikTok influencers whose businesses are built around showing their 🍑 to gain likes and followers— not helping people like you reach your goals

👉🏼 People with massive followings who claim to be industry “experts” but lack the appropriate qualifications and put out lots of click-bait content that’s actually complete horseshit.

And for a busy woman like you, sifting through it all is simply not an option.

You don't have time for this shit.

You want to get only the info you need to move the needle … like now.

From someone knowledgeable and trustworthy.

You want accountability from someone who gets you (aka not some 20-something protein-shake-totin’ gym bro who turns beet red if you mention your period, pelvic floor, or menopause). 

And of course, have a custom plan that gets you to your goals and not society’s ideals– whatever those are this week.

Allow us to simplify and speed up the process for you.

The benefits of 1:1 coaching with us

Our 1:1 strength, conditioning, endurance, and nutrition coaching is totally online and completely tailored to your needs and goals.

Have a neck injury that acts up whenever you do core work? We got you.

Looking to run a marathon at 65? Cool, let’s get you trained up.

Want info that pertains to you at every step of your journey? We’re here for it.

And diD we mention

Our online coaching ...

👉🏼 COSTS LESS PER MONTH than regular in-person personal training sessions with some random dude who works in the gym and knows nothing about periods, perimenopause, and pelvic floor. 

👉🏼 GETS YOU MORE COACHING PER MONTH since you have on-going access to your coach through the week. We’re not limited to your 1-hour training session and we’re not charging you by the hour either.

👉🏼 FITS YOUR SCHEDULE BETTER AND CAN FOLLOW YOU ANYWHERE. Travel for work a lot? No problem. Your coach & workouts are in your pocket and we can even adapt your training to that teensy hotel gym space too.

👉🏼 LEADS TO BETTER RESULTS because we’re able to take a 360° view to provide more feedback, support, and accountability extending beyond training to include your lifestyle & habits outside the gym.

By investing in 1:1 coaching with us, you'll: 
  • Get evidence-based health information that is specifically for you, distilled down to your exact needs and goals– no expensive sewer-water shakes or stupid workout fads that don’t get results.
  • Have a custom plan for how you can squeeze working out, training, and staying active into an already jam-packed schedule.
  • Be held accountable to your goals– in the most loving, you got this way, of course.
  • Manage aches, pains, and injuries with custom rehab work and modified workouts on-the-fly when you need them to reduce the death grip they have on your lifestyle.
  • Set yourself up to be independent for as long as possible– a girls’ trip in your 80s? Why TF not.
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges with an empathetic coach who knows exactly what you’re going through– oh, and nothing is TMI. Ever. From periods to pelvic floor– every topic is fair game.
  • Boost your energy, get stronger, manage your perimenopause symptoms (bye bye hot flashes and insulin resistance), and improve your mental health.
  • Become a badass athlete because results are a given when you commit and follow through.
Your time is precious.

Your body is even more precious.

Get strong without committing to spending hours in the gym every day.
What's included in 1:1 coaching?

We have three Coaching package options – Basic, PLUS, and Premium – which we match to your needs.  

ALL options include: 

  • A top-notch, custom-built training schedule of workouts– completely tailored to your needs, available time, and equipment access (bye, decision fatigue) 
  • On-the-fly program adjustments whenever you need them, so work trips and injuries don’t have to mean losing your gains or get in your way
  • A robust library of mini-courses, yoga classes, myofascial releases, and empowering resources to allow you to go further, faster into your strength journey 
  • Access to our training app so you can watch workout demos and track your workouts + progress– because celebrating you every step of the way is what we live for


  • Weekly check-ins and feedback from your coach, so you’re always supported and moving in the right direction 
  • Regular coaching calls (weekly or monthly depending on your package) to hold you accountable to your goals, troubleshoot obstacles, and stay connected with your coach
See what past 1:1 coaching clients are saying (and achieving!)
Your goals.
Your needs.
Your results.
Go all in on you and watch how your life shifts.
Who It’s For

👉🏼 1:1 coaching is for women who want to have a custom program created for their specific needs, time constraints, equipment availability, and goals. 

👉🏼 They want everything tailored to their body, preferences, lifestyle, and vision. 

👉🏼 They’re short on time and want someone in their corner to take decisions off their plate and help them stay motivated in the process. 

👉🏼 They’re damn sure they want to be strong and more durable and are ready to make this year the year they got athletic AF.

Coaches who get it to get you there.

As women, we’re demanding better.

We want coaches who understand our bodies, the unique challenges we face as women, and can talk about all of it. 

We want to be strong and durable, not skinny and frail. We see the impact the latter had on our mothers and grandmothers. 

No thank you.

We are challenging and rewriting the narrative on wOMEN'S HEALTH AND FITNESS.

We want to climb mountains, run trails, go hiking, lift heavy shit, play with our kiddos and grandkiddos, and be independent for as long as possible

We are done living and dying by the scale. And losing body fat is just a fun added bonus, not the primary goal. 

We know what we deserve. And we’re all about getting the support that gets us the results we actually want

We want to be strong. Athletic. Capable. Fit. 

And that’s exactly who we’re planning on becoming.

Our kind of people
Here's What We Offer

We've got a variety of online coaching services and online personal training programs to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go, including:

  • Strength training programs to help you build strength which are fully-customized to your fitness goals, experience level, and available equipment through our personal training app
  • Run coaching and endurance coaching for hikers to help you confidently go the distance and see the world on your own two feet
  • Nutrition coaching that’s shame-free, judgment-free, and based in science not a bunch of made-up trends and fads that you have to white-knuckle your way through
  • Mindset coaching to help you stop self-sabotage in its tracks and make the lifestyle change needed to finally follow through with your commitments to yourself

Sound like you're in the right place? Awesome.

What Makes Our 1:1 Packages Magical AF

Our custom programming rates range from $179 - $259/month.

Our full-service, high-touch coaching packages range from $399-519 per month, depending on the level of support you choose.

Yes, these prices are a *smidge* higher than you'll find in those random IG ads ..

kinda like your standards, amiright?

But here’s the deal– we don’t just assign you meals and a give you a Google Sheet of exercises and cross our fingers that you do the work with no excuses.

Nope. Not our style.

Our coaching is heavily sought after (and often fully booked) because:


👉🏼 Our PLUS and PREMIUM packages provide lots of opportunities to connect 1-to-1 with your coach in real time who you’ll have an actual on-going relationship with. In fact, we offer more touch points with your coach in our packages than any other coaching package we’ve seen out there … and you won’t have to refinance your house to pay for it.

We treat your goals as our goals.

We wouldn't dream of wasting your time with cheap, cookie-cutter shit that doesn't work.

So you COULD keep scouring the internet for random bits of advice and cobble together your own plan


You COULD buy the cheaper option that gets you nowhere fast because it's not built with you, your life, and your goals in mind


You could get the shortcut and work with us.

Reach out to our team. We solemnly swear to give you just the facts about which 1:1 package best fits your needs and goals. Then, it’s go time. 

FAIR WARNING: Due to the unique high-touch nature of our coaching packages, we get results. Which means we have a low turnover of clients and only have a few spots open each year. We open those spots to the waitlist first and then to our email list. So if you’re even thinking about 1:1 coaching make sure you get on the waitlist or at least get on our email list if you want to get first dibs on any open coaching spots as they become available.

Not ready for this level of commitment? No problem. Check out the other ways to work with us here.